Update #1: Building an agile foundations workshop

Hey everyone, I thought it might be fun to share the progress of me wanting to build a foundations workshop and maybe the approach I take sparks some inspiration for you guys. First things first though, if this is the first time you’re hearing about this then go here: http://www.jmroxas.com/agile-foundations-workshop/ and see what I’m talking about.

What I’ve done so far?

I did an interest check across the platforms and groups I’m part of to see how many people would be interested in a foundational class about agility. Learning about the foundations and not the frameworks. Overall I got 23 sign-ups, yeah I know my bad performing tiktoks get 10x more views but hey it’s data so let’s roll with it. Here’s what we see so far

This isn’t a massive data set by any means but the results are very surprising. Almost half responded that they work in an agile environment and they think it can help them make sense of it. These are the people that inspired me to do this to begin with. Those who do the work, these are my guys! These are people who feel the pain of not having clarity or a baseline understanding of what agility is. Second to this are those who just want to do it for fun, the curious folks. Next are aspiring SMs and ACs and last are those who just want some proof to show to add to their credibility.

Interesting stuff but there’s more, the follow up to this is also checking who would actually be willing to pay for it. Here’s where it goes as expected.

The question here is asking specifically about needing an industry recognized certification and how important it is for them to get one. This is where it goes as expected, 57% say its nice but I’m not willing to pay. This probably also means if there’s no certificate then they’re even less willing to pay. While 39% says they need it and they’re willing to pay for it. Nice that’s great but also not very definitive.

So what’s next?

I’ll attempt to get more data in before making decisions, the form has only been up for about a week after all. No need to decide until the last responsible moment and that moment is still very far away. In the spirit of transparency here’s the options I’m looking at for the future

First is and most obvious answer is that this could be a paid workshop that is IC Agile accredited. There’s several steps that I need to go through to make that happen and it’ll incur significant costs. This is a longer term thing that the final product becomes.

The other route that’s presenting itself is that it turns into something that can be consumed for free. Maybe a series of youtube videos or something I create on a different social media platform. Maybe it becomes a course I sell on pluralsight, we never know.

And maybe some weird combination of the two?

For now though, my focus is on gathering data so I can make another small experiment about this before I invest more time.

If you’re interested to sign up well here’s your chance.