Cats will teach you so much about being a good manager.

My cat will do cat things and I can’t blame him for being a cat. It’s my job to manage his environment and observe how he acts.

Want to make sure he doesn’t make a mess and pee where he isn’t supposed to? Then I make sure the litter box is always clean.

Don’t want him asking for food while I’m in a meeting? Better feed him in advance or make sure the automatic feeder works.

He does something funny and I want him to do more of that? Give a treat.

He scratches the sofa even though he has a cat scratcher? A strong hiss and no treats, maybe even a timeout.

One time he knocked over a vase on our table cause he was nibbling on the flowers. That’s my fault, I know he does that and I should have picked a more stable vase or placed it elsewhere. Getting mad at him won’t stop him from doing it again.

Cats really teach you that you can’t control them. Same with people, you can’t control people. So why get upset when they do things that intrinsically want to do? What you can do is take ownership of what you can control, the environment they work in and how you respond to the things they do.