Agile from scratch is a work of fiction inspired by my personal experiences and stories from friends and colleagues. Each episode is from the viewpoint of an unnamed employee who goes into the workplace and learns about the company’s agile practices.

Episode one

Its after lunch and I’ve just finished my orientation with HR and its time to get to work. I meet the guys i’ll be spending my foreseeable future with and it goes awkwardly like these things always do. I sit down at my seat, open up my laptop and start reading through all the documents I’m supposed to start with. “Hey it’s time for stand up” “Time for what now?” I muttered as I looked up from my laptop. Part happy that someone is talking to me and part confused at whats going on I awkwardly smile and start repeating ...
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Episode two

“That button.. its off by four… no no three pixels” I slowly turn my head to see Kara looking at my monitor. With my eyebrows raised I asked “What?” Kara smiles as she starts to talk “The clear filters button the one you just added, its three pixels too tall”. I rub my eyes and check again, yeah she’s right it is a wee bit taller. With an equal mix of confusion and amazement I turn to her and ask. “How did you even??” “I’m awesome that’s how! Also.. It’s a common bug we have, I notice it when a ...
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Episode three

“My favorite holiday movie has to be Die Hard”. “That is so not a holiday movie!” Kara quickly answers back. Here goes Kara and Kyle with their daily back and forth I said to myself. Thankfully Dennis accepts the answer and our stand up wraps up on time. “I’ll see everyone for retro later! Don’t be late!” Dennis reminds everyone as we all walk out of the room. Now after having stuffed toys at stand up and doing code reviews side by side I was mentally prepared to try something new at our retrospective later. I wonder what’s gonna happen ...
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