Hello I'm JM

I’m an agile coach, writer and a coffee enthusiast

I did say I'm a writer..

Growing up I always had a passion for telling stories. As a kid I wrote short stories that I shared with my friends, as a college student I had a very colorful blog on my Multiply and so when I grew up and hit the real world it was inevitable that my work would show up in my writing.

In 2019 I wrote a book that I lovingly call the Agilist Field Guide. It’s centered around the stories and experiences I’ve had as an agile coach which I’ve turned into guidance and advice for anyone who is in the industry. This little book of mine is available for free to anyone who wants to read it.

One of my favorite quotes

"F*ck it just do it"

Don't be shy. Say hi!

Really don’t be shy. I’ve available on multiple platforms and would always be happy to chat